What Windows Phone is Still Missing

This is a post from TerminalStandard.

I want to start this off by saying I really like Windows Phone. It is a fantastic OS visually, functionally and is very quick/responsive. However, there are some serious issues that hinder my usage. It is missing some features/things that should be standard. Now, I am not complaining about Windows Phone 8 not coming to older devices, this is understandable and probably won’t happen again in the near future. Nor am I complaining about the “lack of apps”, this situation is getting better and was never a serious issue to begin with. Microsoft needs to know that there are much more pressing issues to be worked out.

1. APN Access.
I don’t know if Microsoft feels that a user doesn’t need full access to some APNs like users of Android devices do but users do need this. Some carriers have more than a couple of lines for their APNs. For example, I’m on Koodo and there are lots of sections that I have to enter things into that simply don’t exist in the Windows Phone “Add APN” option. I need to enter this APN if I want to use MMS; if I am using Windows Phone, then it is impossible to send MMS on Koodo. Sure, the Mango release made things in this respect a little better but it is not enough. We don’t need full APN access today, it should have been there yesterday.

2. Auto Rotate.
When I go to bed, my phone is often one of the last things I look at or if I can’t sleep, I might grab my phone. Unfortunately, on Windows Phone, if I am laying down, especially on my side, this auto rotate feature comes into play. It becomes not so great when in bed or even, surprise, some people just don’t like when their phone auto rotates. Auto rotate can be great when I am showing someone a video or photos. For whatever reason the user has, an option to disable auto rotate should exist. Windows Phone has been around for a while now and upon initial release this was at least closer to excusable but certainly not almost two years later.

3. Browsing.
Microsoft, let’s talk for a moment. I’m not an expert on what the reasoning is behind the lack of alternative browsers on Windows Phone but I believe it has something to do with you not allowing native code. Once again, whatever the reason, the current browsing experience is ridiculously horrid. On some sites, fonts don’t even render correctly and by no means is IE fast. I want to cry each time I need to do something in the browser. Two choices here: Internet Explorer should either be heavily improved, whether this what IE10 on WP8 will be, I don’t know or you need to allow WebKit/other based browsers onto your platform.

4. Multi Tasking.
Now, this one is better then when Mango first came out but a lot of apps still don’t take advantage of this and simply restart when one switches back to them from another app. Some will argue this is the fault of the developers and not Microsoft but it is their job to keep developers on track so that they have great apps for their platform. The only thing for Microsoft to do is either get their developers on board or just hope that everyone will eventually make their applications work with the multi tasking. They have waited and as I said, it has gotten much better for many applications.

5. Zune.
Microsoft, you haven’t done anything with Zune in terms of the music service in a long time. It had potential but not having it on any new Zune devices other than phones and the lack of making it cross-platform has all but killed the service. Nobody can actually recommend a Zune subscription when Rdio and other alternatives are all available on multiple platforms, have more content to offer and have, overall, greater functionality. Either kill off Zune entirely or actually do something with it, because you could; some people really loved Zune.

Those are my five main issues with Windows Phone. I do hope Microsoft takes action in regards to some, if not all of these things.